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Custom Home Building in Saint Louis, Missouri

We know that when you’re searching for a new luxury custom home in Saint Louis you want to find the right home that fits your style. A new home is a big decision and a big investment, you want to make sure that your investment is worthwhile. We care about the quality of your new home because we care about the future of your family. That’s why we build the quality of homes that we do. We can help you upgrade to a new home you will love. A home that is new, more efficient, low maintenance, more modern, and that fits your style. You’ll have the peace of mind that your home is not just another cookie-cutter home in the neighborhood.

Our Approach

We’ve spent years developing a unique concept based on an intelligent approach to designing and building your custom home.

Custom Homes Built On Your Lot

We design custom homes built on your lot. We work with you to design your custom home. We draw your plans and email revisions to you, for your approval.

Real Estate Services

We can sell your existing home and find a property for your new custom home. Learn more about our Real Estate Services.

Design Services

We can design your home from scratch, or customize one of our highly-modifiable portfolio floor plans. Visit our Design Gallery for a sampling of our design and craftsmanship ability. Note the attention to detail to both the exteriors & interiors.

Lot Purchase

We build on your lot and will gladly assist you in both lot purchase & due diligence.

Need to Find Land or Sell Your House?

Patton Properties can sell your existing home and find property for your new custom home. Buying a property for your new home could be a potential disaster. Many pitfalls exist that can render a property unfit for building. Patton Properties has the knowledge and a team available to screen your property to avoid these potential problems and make the process of buying property and building your custom home as pain free as possible. Call or text 314-952-4233 to learn more.

Building Dreams

Since 2007

Our Process

We build a limited number of custom homes each year. This allows us time to focus on you.

Truly Custom

The homes we build are truly custom, with no hidden restrictions that most other contractors impose on you.

Straight Forward - Comprehensive plans, specifications, and an easy to read contract.
On Schedule - A home construction schedule & constant progress updates.
Available 24/7 - Builders cell phone number for total access to him day or night.
Stay Updated - Immediate phone calls if questions or issues arise.

Ready To Build The Home Of Your Dreams?

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